“0174 Unum Deum In Caelo, The Kingdom of Antoninas holy crusade on Rachana has failed, the king and his sons lie dead on the streets of Ioauna. The queen has ending her life in grief, and now no rightful heirs exist to hold the kingdom in peace. The union of Antoninas is broken its realms divided. Civil war gives birth in the states of Blathnaid and Caelia. Alexis makes attempts to hold everyone together while Romilda resurrects witch hunts not performed since the founding of our precious kingdom. Through out the broken kingdom clans birth feuds that should be long dead. One color will be seen in this time and my fears sense that it will be blood red and shall stain this beloved kingdom. We must pray to god that men of good, honor and virtue will rise to the task before we are swept away in another dark age.”
-The Diary of Alrik Dellum, The Bishop of the Church St. Aria

Pathfinder Tactics: Virtute Per Bellum

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